Welcome to Spot's FatDAW64 Home Folder!

Greetings, Netling! You have reached the index page for FatDAW64, a multi-media workstation powered by many boot options, among them a 64 bit version of Puppy Linux called FatDog64. Here you will find information on projects FatDAW is working on as well as information about the operating system FatDog64, a Puppy Linux variant for 64 bit machines.

This machine was put together by Pops for Kirk and Ric to have something to assemble movie clips on from Kirk's Q3. It is a machine that was adopted from Pop's Pound, a collection of computers destined for the land fill unless they can find a good home and we are happy to have it to work with.

So far things are looking good on the Windows (tm) side of life that Pops set up for us. I installed some sound apps, but have yet to install movie editing software for that OS.

Today (March 11, 2012) I finally get to dork around with the Linux boots, and FatDog64 is the smoothest so far, enough to earn a frugal install and inspiration for the appellation of this workstation as FatDAW64. FatPup allows the loading and unloading of SFS files on the fly and Openshot works great that way, although I downloaded the PET to install it and run it that way as well, but have yet to try it in that mode.

So far the only hindrance is the fact that this system is off line and all new stuff is sneaker netted in. I needed to re-do my routing to make room for more workstations on the hub, anyway. Soon. W00t!

Wowsers! I took a little snooze and when I woke up it was snowing outside. What a day!


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