Operation Sons of 1984

This is a Yippie! Good Neighbor project to provide space and bandwidth for notes and communications for the Occupy Wallstreet movement in an open access, easy to use platform, i.e. this wiki.


Nodes 2 and 3 have been activated at ettruck.com! Node 2 is a MediaWiki install, while node 3 is an OWS News site

An Occupy Wall Street Media Wiki will give us one more node to take notes, collect and sort our thoughts and ideas and be able to present a more professional face to non-Occupiers than this little post 'n' go operation we have here, where the concept was more of a community bulletin board where everyone has equal access and anyone can put their post anywhere on the board. With the addition of the MediaWiki we will have the best of both WikiWorlds available.

The OWS News site is powered by Pligg, an open source app that is similar to Digg. Members can submit links to news stories and the membership votes them up or down, earning karma points as they go. The pligg engine also allows any member to create groups

This will allow Occupy groups the ability to have one more non-commercial internet resource for getting and staying in touch with one another in groups most meaningful to them. Hopefully this will be a tool than can help make a small difference by helping the group to develop some consensus about relevance in information in addition to giving the smaller groups an equal holla in getting their announcements out.

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