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From Dictatorship to Democracy

By Gene Sharp. Read by volunteers from LibriVox.Org

This reading is of the Fourth United States Edition, published in May 2010.

The book has been circulated worldwide and cited repeatedly as influencing movements such as the Arab Spring of 2010 through 2012.
-- copypasta from the source page at

Editions in many languages are also published by the Albert Einstein Institution.

Downloads are free and available from book's page at The Albert Einstein Institution where you will find also find links to a three page history of the book in PDF format and another mp3 audiobook version read by David H. Erdody, of, which is the version loaded into the History Lessons for America playlist.

Occupy Wall Street (2011)

Culture and Breeding

Tinbox Acres

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This page was to be for a version of LucidPuppy Linux to be called OccuPuppy, but those guys work so fast I couldn't keep up with them at the time, so all it turned out to be was two great mongrel LucidPuppy boots (5.2.5 and 5.2.8) for me, and some CSS to play with and share. When the spammerz started trashing this wiki space I was motivated to create this page and park it here so anyone who came would at least have this no matter how trashed the wiki got.

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This page is based on a randomly generated web template from StrangeBanana, a random CSS generator coded by Torben Kjaer while learning C# and ASP.NET. It has been modded and the mods modded over time, but at heart it is still very much a StrangeBanana design.

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