Dollmaker, a novel by Bonnnie Barrigar

My friend and neighbor Bonnnie Barrigar has published her book Dollmaker, an alternative history novel set in Vietnam and available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

She has recently registered a couple of web domains and started working on a site about the book along with sites in other subdomains at Bonnie's Dollhouse to share her poetry and art.

I'm looking forward to watching Bonnie unfold into the webmistress I know she can be as she explores a whole new form of electronic publishing that she had never examined before.

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Thank You Sundowners Each and All!

Last Saturday Kenny Lee & The Sundowners played a benefit at the Legion for Goldendale's Community Radio Volunteers in their efforts to get the rest of the equipment KVGD-LP needs to go live with 100 watts at 100.1 on the 98620 radio dial.

The guys did a great show at no charge to the radio group so all the proceeds went to the cause.

For those of you who have never heard these guys do their blues here's a play list of their album Outlaw that is embedible and allowing downloads.

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If you can't see the embed as a widget here's a link to the play list it references:

Just click on the title to start playing & click again to stop. Right-clicking the green 'MP3' tag by the title will let you "save as" to download that song. Here that code is embedded in a web page as a widget in HTML instead of BBCode.

Once again, Thank you Kenny & The Sundowners not only for helping raise some cash for a worthy cause, but also for setting a most excellent example of guys working cooperatively with others to make things a little better for one little town even if they don't all live there.

Learn more...


Here's a screencap from

You, too, can donate to KVGD-LP through their GoFundMe page.

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KVGD-LP Fundraisers Rockin' On!

The KVGD-LP GoFundMe page is up to $1700 now, with $345 of that coming from the tip jar at the jams at Windy Ridge.

A heartfelt thanks to all who put their money in and to the musicians who donated their shares to the KVGD-LP cause!

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KVGD-LP FM GoFundMe page

So far musicians from the jams at Windy Ridge have contributed 270 dollars from their tip jar to the cause of helping KVGD-LP FM acquire an antenna, some co-ax and a 100 watt transmitter to go live on their assigned frequency of 100.1.

As I write the group has raised $1,625 towards their goal of $10k through their GoFundMe page.

Fight the creeping corporatist decay of our communities via supporting Community Radio by donating a dollar and a penny (100 + 1) today!

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Things are becoming more interesting since three of the most wonderful ladies in the universe (well, in this world, anyway) decided Goldendale needed a community FM station. They did quite a bit of social networking to gather the thoughts of people in the community about that idea & what they would like to have it do for them. Then they rounded up a small posse of supporters, and applied to Uncle Charlie for a low power FM station license.

While the app may be in, and the FCC is known to take months, this bunch is not sitting around twiddling their thumbs and simply waiting for a letter announcing the magic number that puts them on the dial along with the three mystical letters that go after the K. Workshops are being organized on writing for radio, processing audio media, program production, and project planning.

GorgeLink has enthusiastically granted them a sub-domain at with a dotProject install for projects planning, requiring one SQL data base and a lot of study & hands-on to learn what the best uses it will be for the group now and in the future.

In addition are a collection of flat-file applications that need no databases and are therefore easily portable once the group gets their own domain based on their call letters assigned by the FCC. There is a FlatPress powered blog, a public wiki that is open access, and a planning wiki that, like the dotProject install, is accessible by community radio volunteers only. There are also some Opentape "muxtape" type playlists going, allowing members to upload content and organize audio flow among the audio elements listed, for program or podcast planning purposes.

(Sadly Opentape relies heavily on mootools, which has recently been updated, breaking playback functions in the playlist due to code deprecations. But the group is carrying on using the Opentape app as a planning tool and as a way to share content since what is uploaded by one can be downloaded by the rest. Being OpenSource, I expect this app will be upgraded soon. If not I'll do my best to get it fixed myself as soon as I learn to be a programmer, or find a programmer to trade skills with).

Ekone Creative Services is 100% behind these efforts, and is honored to announce that on Saturday, January 18, I will be kicking off the first workshop, which is to be held at the local library to get the aforementioned posse all up to the same speed on the aforementioned web applications installed in the aforementioned sub-domain and assess the needs of the group for further training on media production methodologies.

Having their own space in the cloud gives the group a platform to podcast from while they await the day Uncle Charlie issues their license to broadcast at 100 whopping watts to their fellow townies. I expect a few pods of the "this is what you might be hearing on Community FM if we had that license now" theme to be on the immediate horizon.

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