Things are becoming more interesting since three of the most wonderful ladies in the universe (well, in this world, anyway) decided Goldendale needed a community FM station. They did quite a bit of social networking to gather the thoughts of people in the community about that idea & what they would like to have it do for them. Then they rounded up a small posse of supporters, and applied to Uncle Charlie for a low power FM station license.

While the app may be in, and the FCC is known to take months, this bunch is not sitting around twiddling their thumbs and simply waiting for a letter announcing the magic number that puts them on the dial along with the three mystical letters that go after the K. Workshops are being organized on writing for radio, processing audio media, program production, and project planning.

GorgeLink has enthusiastically granted them a sub-domain at with a dotProject install for projects planning, requiring one SQL data base and a lot of study & hands-on to learn what the best uses it will be for the group now and in the future.

In addition are a collection of flat-file applications that need no databases and are therefore easily portable once the group gets their own domain based on their call letters assigned by the FCC. There is a FlatPress powered blog, a public wiki that is open access, and a planning wiki that, like the dotProject install, is accessible by community radio volunteers only. There are also some Opentape "muxtape" type playlists going, allowing members to upload content and organize audio flow among the audio elements listed, for program or podcast planning purposes.

(Sadly Opentape relies heavily on mootools, which has recently been updated, breaking playback functions in the playlist due to code deprecations. But the group is carrying on using the Opentape app as a planning tool and as a way to share content since what is uploaded by one can be downloaded by the rest. Being OpenSource, I expect this app will be upgraded soon. If not I'll do my best to get it fixed myself as soon as I learn to be a programmer, or find a programmer to trade skills with).

Ekone Creative Services is 100% behind these efforts, and is honored to announce that on Saturday, January 18, I will be kicking off the first workshop, which is to be held at the local library to get the aforementioned posse all up to the same speed on the aforementioned web applications installed in the aforementioned sub-domain and assess the needs of the group for further training on media production methodologies.

Having their own space in the cloud gives the group a platform to podcast from while they await the day Uncle Charlie issues their license to broadcast at 100 whopping watts to their fellow townies. I expect a few pods of the "this is what you might be hearing on Community FM if we had that license now" theme to be on the immediate horizon.

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Bullets won't kill an idea when it's time has come!

All wikis within the Land of the Good Spirit have been under attack by spammers since last spring.

All wikis within our domains are now just websites without any of that Web2.0 user input that is required for true wiki-ability.

In addition to the Occupy wikis, which have always been under continuous assault, the Fatdog Wiki was defaced, and OpenEdu pages in the little ro powered wikis as well.

In response, I created a static Occupy portal page in the occu-ro folder so visitors will at least be able to have that, no matter how goofed up the wiki got with defacements and online drug links.

Now all the wikis are being locked, turning them from wikis into static web sites with wiki engines since everybody is effectively banned from posting now that they are locked.

Data in the roWiki 4 Occupy and others will be entered into a new TiddlyWiki that will be available for download soon.

Then we can all let the spammerz download their very own personal copy and spam that to their heart's content while our copies remain pristine and bulging with Good Knowledge and fascinating factoids.

Silly Spammerz attempting to divide by zero.

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Anybody gonna turn the lights on up in here?

One thing that the 2CanJam gig really brought to the fore is the need for good lighting over cheaping out and having to just use the lighting there. So I have been researching sequencing hardware and software for LED lighting along with sniping the electronics surplusers for really bright LEDs.

So far the most fun in my quest was at the 8 Channel LED Controller v.3, the 24 Channel High Current USB LED Controller v.3' and the Chromation Systems 48 Channel Mono / 16 Channel RGB LED Controller pages because of all the neat stuff they had to download and goof on off line. Chromation Systems sells the kits, too, but provide a lot of dox in open access for the DIY diehards who just have to go it alone!

99 & forty four one hundredths of the parts are kitted up for some guitar pre-amp projects that fit in Altoids boxes. That's one each for mono and stereo guitars and a bass version as well, so that's going to be the pre-occupation for the rest of the month. That, and scrounging up a couple 150k quarter watt resistors for one project so I don't have to piggyback in an Altoid box. Power will be external, so that helps, but I'd rather not series or piggyback like I would for rack stuff.

It will be handy to have a little pre that could fit in a shirt pocket. We'll see how it goes.

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2 Can Jam fizzout

Have had a blast popping out mp3s for all the songs from the 2 can Jam along with DVDs of all the raw data from Cam 1 and DVDs featuring 11 songs as a sampler. And flipping certain songs into different formats.

The Boyz (Greg and Rick) have not seen any footage from cams 2 and 3, and I'm not even sure Rick gave Greg his copies, so who knows what Greg got to see so far. (Rick broke up with him after the gig because "he smokes cigarettes and kept asking me to go to church", according to the vine).

Rick is so pro he doesn't know what net 30 is, so these files still belong to yours truly while certain bills related to production costs go unpaid. My advice is that if Rick Johnston wants you to do any work make him sign a contract because his word is worthless. Aunt Tracy is probably correct in her prediction I'd never get paid and I gave him a chance and took the gig anyway.

In the mean time I'm having fun tinkering with these media files and it looks like good ol' boy Greg just might get an OK little promo viddy for Christmas or his "Birfday" or just because I could.

And I'm still focused on more lighting for future gigs and all I've had budget for is a couple little tripods so I can return the one I borrowed from Kirk's Q3 Accessory pack and in the future all three will have their own little table top tripod.

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2 Can Jam

I got to record Rick Johnston and his buddy Greg gigging as 2 Can Jam at Hot Rods last Friday night. The guys were in fine form and played some tasty ditties.

On the plus side, the sound was terrific and the little Zoom Q3 works very well in low light conditions. Just not that low light.

I tried out the little cams by Phillips and they worked pretty well for video. Next time, though, I am going to put a piece of tape over the mic port since the sound was distorted (as we knew it would be working that close to the monitors) when when turned down to two. Used them for stills as well and got some nice ones as well as a few blurry ones.

Copped a couple clips at 720p near the end and hope to use that aspect next time instead of 640x480.

All in all the "vidya" was too dark and the sound was pretty nice. It will take a little extra work to turn any of it into decent promotional media but we can do it quite handily given a little time.

I'm already looking at light bars and other micro spots and LED sequencers in addition to infinity mirrors and other 'disco' lighting solutions. LED fill lights are spendy but I think it would be fairly easy to make some from surplus LEDS and include controllers varying from simple dip-switch programming on up through PIC controllers.

It won't be dark next time and will be a lot more fun to film as well as to watch.

I was all ready to record two voice tracks, a guitar track and a keyboard track on the old MR8HD but Rick wanted to keep it simple, so what we got for sound on the Zoom Q3 is it for the mix for all time.

Burned three copies of the 8 Gigs of data from the Zoom and lo-fi DVD raw video rushes for immediate review. Just wish the rest of the team were as up to speed on their homework so we could choose which songs for demo and get that rolling.

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